Propane Tips for Summer!

We know, no one wants to think about heating their home in the middle of summer, there are just so many fun things that take up our time, like the beach, boating, fishing, camping, really the list is endless.  However, there are a few propane things it is good to prepare for even in the summer months.

Lease Tanks Summer is the best time to get a lease tank for a few reasons:

  1. Time, sometimes in the Winter, the drivers are so busy hauling propane it is hard to schedule a tank set, in the summer one of our drivers is our tank set machine and that is what he spends his time on!
  2. Weather it can be tricky in the Winter to find a day that works for setting a tank.
  3. Ahead of the game, if you get your lease tank in summer, you don’t have to worrying or stress at the last minute trying to find the company you want, you can take your time and make sure you find the company that treats you right, here at Pro Gas we like to treat our customers like family, we strive to always have the lowest price around, and we can’t wait to treat you to the best customer service around!

Summer Fill-Ups:

  1. Propane is almost always cheaper in the summer, call 417-589-8307 to schedule your fill-up today, and go into Winter with a full tank!

PreBuy Options:

  1. Pro Gas offers PreBuy which is where you basically purchase gallons for your tank before you need them. PreBuy price is almost always cheaper than the daily price in Winter. Give us a call and we would love to go over your account and help you save money with PreBuy!


If any of these sound like something you want to add to your summer to-do list give us a call at  417-589-8307 and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have!

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