Providing Propane to Southern Missouri

Pro Gas Propane has been a locally owned & family operated company for 25 years! Paul owns the company and his Son Richard manages the company.  Paul Daughter Shari was the office manager for 17 years now her daughter Kaitlin does the bookkeeping and office work!

Getting to come to work and spend time with my family has been a huge blessing in my life, we try to carry over the family spirit to our drivers some of whom have been with us for 14 years, and we can’t imagine what the company would look like without them!

Not only are we family and the drivers like family but our goal is to treat you the customer like family! We want you to know we value you, appreciate you, and are so very grateful that out of all the propane companies you have chosen has to be in your lives in a small way.

If you want to join our family we don’t want anything to stop you, for years we only serviced customer owned tanks, but now we offer lease tanks so that everyone can join our family!  If you would like to get more information on lease tanks please call us at 417-589-8307.  We can’t wait to welcome you into your local hometown, family operated propane company’s family!

Here is a list of the areas we service if you live in or around one of these areas give us a call! If you know someone who lives in one of these areas send this blog to them as we would love for them to join our family!

Bolivar, MO

Buffalo, MO

Conway, MO

Elkland, MO

Eldridge, MO

Fair Grove, MO

Falcon, MO

Fordland, MO

Grovespring, MO

Hartville, MO

Lebanon, MO

Long Lane, MO

Louisburg, MO

Lynchburg, MO

Mansfield, MO

Marshfield, MO

Morrisville, MO

Niangua, MO

Phillipsburg, MO

Richland, MO

Rogersville Mo

Seymour, MO

Stoutland, MO

Strafford, MO

Springfield, MO

Tuans, MO


Propane Makes you Self-Sufficient!


One of the many things we love about propane is that it makes you in charge of your utilities! As long as you have gas in your tank you might not even notice if the power goes out!  Here are a few of the things in your home that can run off of your propane tank!


  1.  Heater/Furnace: with propane, you can stay toasty warm! Propane is a more effective heater than electric and as long as the price is below $2.40 a gallon it is actually cheaper than electric!
  2. Water Heater over the lifetime of the unit they can save the homeowner over $2,000!
  3. Dryer even during a power outage you can still dry your laundry!
  4. Oven & Range one of my favorites,  when the power goes out you still need to eat! I can’t imagine having to rely on electric to cook I know as long as I keep my tank on the full side I can always cook food for my family!  Added bonus gas ranges are so much easier to cook on!
  5. Fire Places: Who doesn’t love a cozy fire on a cold winter night! Gas Logs are a clean heat, and best of all no mess or work!
  6. Fire Pits: Outdoor gas firepits are really the best! No Smoke and just takes seconds to get ready!
  7. Fridge/Freezer: No worries just because the electric is off it doesn’t mean your food will spoil! While this appliance, in particular, might cost more upfront they last a lifetime!
  8. Propane Generator: If you have a propane generator chances are you might not even notice when the power goes out!

Propane is clean energy, safe, and reliable! Propane is a great way to keep your family safe and your house running like normal even during crazy weather or power outages!

Click Here to read an interesting article on Propane Vs Electric!


Call us at 417-589-8307 to order more propane!

Did you know that Pro Gas Propane services Fair Grove, Strafford, and Rogersville?

Pro Gas Propane has been a locally owned &  family operated business for 25 years and we have expanded our family to include Fair Grove, Strafford and Rogersville and North East Springfield to provide family friendly service to families, farms, and business in that area!

We currently have 3 generations working for us which creates a wonderful environment for our drivers who are like family and the customers who we treat like family!

We understand budget constraints which is one of the reasons why we offer EvenPay even for brand new customers! We offer PreBuy where you can purchase a set amount of gallons at a locked in rate to prepare for winter. We strive to always have the best price around to save you money! We also have lease tanks we want to be your propane provider no matter what! If you have a customer owned tank, come join our family, if not call us 417-589-8307 to learn how to get a lease tank!


We want to be your hometown, family oriented, trustworthy propane company because that is what we already are to so many customers, come and join our family today!


Call us at 417-589-8307 to get the best service, and the best price around!

St. Patrick’s Day Family Time!

Pro Gas Propane has been a Locally Owned & Family Operated business for 25 years! We got to have  Corn Beef & Cabbage for lunch with Paul’s daughter, son, 2 granddaughters, & great-granddaughter, getting to visit with everyone on Saint Patrick’s day was great!

The Patton Family has Irish roots and loves to celebrate them! Paul’s Great Grandfather came over from Ireland with his brother in the 1850’s and we love to celebrate our heritage, as well as Paul’s Grandson’s birthday on Saint Patrick’s Day! It is a fun day in our family for sure!

What are some of your favorite Saint Patrick’s Day traditions?


If you want to join our family call us at 417-589-8307, we service customer owned tanks and have lease tanks we can set for you!

Drawing for 100 Gallons Free Gas!

We are drawing the winner’s name bright and early Thursday, March 9th, but you still have time to enter! All you need to do is review our business on Facebook for your first entry and review us on Google for your second! We have been blown away by the response so far, all of the kind words have been a joy to read! We are so blessed to have some amazing customers!


It may feel like we talk about EvenPay a lot and we do! The reason though is we feel it is the best way to help customers take control of their finances in regards to propane! If you have a 500-gallon tank and need to fill up in the winter it can cost up to and more than $500 (depending on price & percentage) but if you are on EvenPay you have been paying between $50-$200 monthly (calculated based off of previous years usage) you will have a credit built up meaning when you need to fill up you don’t even need to worry about the cost because it is already paid for!


Another perk to EvenPay is automatically becoming a KeepFull customer, meaning when we are in your neighborhood we stop by and check on your tank to make sure you don’t run out!  It takes the stress factor out of trying to get enough to get by and running out you always have enough! No more waking up to a cold house for you!


Due to EvenPay building a credit on your account (it isn’t a line of credit) we only enroll people in this program from March 1st until June 30th don’t miss your chance this year to sign up and keep propane in the budget! Call us at 417-589-8307 or email us at to get more information today!


There are three ways you can do EvenPay

  • Mail a check in every month.
  • Sign up to have it applied to your debit or credit card every month.
  • Sign up to have invoices sent to you via PayPal every month.

Choose the way that works the best with your schedule and get started today!


Lease Tanks Available Again!

Tanks delivered in November

We have tanks available once more! We took a break over the Winter to focus on getting propane to all of our AWESOME customers, but it is time to start tank sets again!

Here are some of the reasons you might like to have a lease tank from Pro Gas Propane!

  1. Lease Tank fees we don’t charge any tank rent to customers who use more than 500 gallons a year!
  2. Low price we always charge lease tank customers our everyday low price, which we strive to keep as low as possible by including all taxes and fees into the daily price we tell you!
  3. EvenPay and PreBuy We give you options on how to pay for your propane to keep your budget in line and to keep your price low!
  4. KeepFull option where we keep your tank filled and check you gauge when we are in the area!

We strive to have the best customer service around, we have been a Locally Owned and Family Operated business for 25 years with three generations working at Pro Gas currently!! Call us today  417-589-8307 to get your tank set and let our family treat you like family!

EvenPay Enrollment is Almost Here!!

It's about starting over andcreating something better.  We are so excited about EvenPay 2017! We feel like this will be a spectacular way to help make propane more budget friendly!

Have you ever thought about how hard it is to budget for propane? It tends to be an expense that sneaks up and be one big amount at one time. That is why we offer EvenPay! EvenPay is a program where you pay a small amount every  month so you have a credit on your account when it is time to fill up!

Here are some EvenPay Perks!

  1. Budget friendly it cost the same amount every month.
  2. No worries you don’t need to worry about if you have the money to pay a one time big bill you have a credit on account to pay with!
  3. KeepFull Option when you sign up for EvenPay you get the option of being a KeepFull customer where we check your tank and keep you full and and you don’t need to worry about running out!

There a few ways you can do EvenPay

  1. Mail a Check in every month
  2. Call us and ask to get on reoccurring EvenPay with your Debit or Credit Card
  3. Check out our PayPal Option where you can sign up for it to come out of your secure PayPal account

If you are interested in EvenPay please call us at 417-589-8307 and we would enjoy chatting and getting the opportunity to go over your account information such as how much propane you typically use, and what the average yearly cost is, and what would be a good amount for you to pay in every month. March 1st will begin the open enrollment  period in EvenPay after June 30th we won’t be able to sign anyone up until NEXT year 2018, so be sure to sign up now for this great way to keep your propane affordable and your budget in check!


Keeping Propane Affordable

It is our goal here at Pro Gas Propane to keep your propane bill as affordable as possible! I recently ran across an article on the blog Money Saving Mom about how to save on propane, the link is at the bottom of this blog. It had some great tips!

Here are a few ways Pro Gas can help lower your bill!

  1. EvenPay: this is a program where we look at your usage and you pay a small monthly fee to build up a credit on your account so when you go to fill up the money is already on account and you owe little or nothing!
  2. PreBuy: in the summer we sell PreBuy options where you pay in the summer for a set number of gallons at a set price (we accept installments for this as well) and then in the winter we deliver the gallons at the price you locked in and already paid for in the summer.
  3. WeInclude all hazmat, delivery charges and taxes into the already low daily price many propane companies tack extra charges onto the price such as delivery fees, sales tax, and hazmat charges, sometimes adding as much as $0.14 a gallon onto the price when you break it down. We ALWAYS include all of these fees into the daily price we tell you so you know exactly what to expect on your bill!
  4. We accept credit cards over the phone saving you the price of that stamp!
  5. Lease Tank option we offer a lease tank option so people don’t have to purchase their own tank, we waive any lease tank rent if the customer uses more than 500 gallons a year which isn’t hard to do!
  6. Last but not least we offer low summer fill prices to get people filled up before the cold weather moves in!

Saving people money is our goal, and we always strive to have a low price and great customer service! If you need propane or are interested in a lease tank call us at 417-589-8307


5 Ways We Save on Propane

Propane in Church

You may not know this but Pro Gas Propane is a family owned business and we are a Christian family!

In fact we believe so much in what our area Churches are doing for the spread of the gospel we always give Churches $0.10 a gallon off the daily price. We also contract propane at a lower rate to Churches who use more than 2,000 gallons a year. If your Church doesn’t own their own tank we can set up a lease tank(s) for them and we don’t charge Churches any tank rent or fees, and if your Church owns its own tank all you need to do is call us and we would love to deliver your propane!

If your Church uses propane please give us a call at 417-589-8307. We would love to be your Church’s propane provider!