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Pools & Propane?

Did you know that even in the Summer propane is there to make sure you have a good time?

Propane pool heaters are a fantastic way to keep your pool just the right temperature, which is between 78°-82°. Anything below 70° can actually cause hypothermia!

Just be aware that you will burn propane through the summer, and you will want to keep checking your gauge on a regular basis! Call us at 417-589-8307 for your fill up today!


We have magnets! If you would like a magnet to put on your fridge call us at 417-589-8307 and we will send you one. I am so excited for every customer to get a magnet on their fridge it saves them time having to look our phone number up! I also hope everyone takes the opportunity to like our Facebook page. If you like the page you will always get the latest news on the Patton Family as well as information on drawings, and deals you can be on the look out for!


If you need Propane Call 417-589-8307

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If you need a magnet call 417-589-8307!

Cooking Out!

It is that time of year again, time to get out onto the porch or patio and light up your grill and cook on it! Click Here for some great tips to get the best results from your outdoor cooking!


Did you know that your outdoor grill can be hooked into your existing propane line so you don’t have to constantly get bottles filled? This is a great option for people who like to cook outside, or host outdoor barbecues! If you are interested in getting this setup call us at 417-589-8307 to learn more!