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Pools & Propane?

Did you know that even in the Summer propane is there to make sure you have a good time?

Propane pool heaters are a fantastic way to keep your pool just the right temperature, which is between 78°-82°. Anything below 70° can actually cause hypothermia!

Just be aware that you will burn propane through the summer, and you will want to keep checking your gauge on a regular basis! Call us at 417-589-8307 for your fill up today!


We have magnets! If you would like a magnet to put on your fridge call us at 417-589-8307 and we will send you one. I am so excited for every customer to get a magnet on their fridge it saves them time having to look our phone number up! I also hope everyone takes the opportunity to like our Facebook page. If you like the page you will always get the latest news on the Patton Family as well as information on drawings, and deals you can be on the look out for!


If you need Propane Call 417-589-8307

If you need a Lease Tank Call 417-589-8307

If you need rebate information call 417-589-8307

If you need a tank set or lines run call 417-589-8307

If you need a magnet call 417-589-8307!

Cooking Out!

It is that time of year again, time to get out onto the porch or patio and light up your grill and cook on it! Click Here for some great tips to get the best results from your outdoor cooking!


Did you know that your outdoor grill can be hooked into your existing propane line so you don’t have to constantly get bottles filled? This is a great option for people who like to cook outside, or host outdoor barbecues! If you are interested in getting this setup call us at 417-589-8307 to learn more!

EvenPay Enrollment is Almost Here!!

It's about starting over andcreating something better.  We are so excited about EvenPay 2017! We feel like this will be a spectacular way to help make propane more budget friendly!

Have you ever thought about how hard it is to budget for propane? It tends to be an expense that sneaks up and be one big amount at one time. That is why we offer EvenPay! EvenPay is a program where you pay a small amount every  month so you have a credit on your account when it is time to fill up!

Here are some EvenPay Perks!

  1. Budget friendly it cost the same amount every month.
  2. No worries you don’t need to worry about if you have the money to pay a one time big bill you have a credit on account to pay with!
  3. KeepFull Option when you sign up for EvenPay you get the option of being a KeepFull customer where we check your tank and keep you full and and you don’t need to worry about running out!

There a few ways you can do EvenPay

  1. Mail a Check in every month
  2. Call us and ask to get on reoccurring EvenPay with your Debit or Credit Card
  3. Check out our PayPal Option where you can sign up for it to come out of your secure PayPal account

If you are interested in EvenPay please call us at 417-589-8307 and we would enjoy chatting and getting the opportunity to go over your account information such as how much propane you typically use, and what the average yearly cost is, and what would be a good amount for you to pay in every month. March 1st will begin the open enrollment  period in EvenPay after June 30th we won’t be able to sign anyone up until NEXT year 2018, so be sure to sign up now for this great way to keep your propane affordable and your budget in check!