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Transformation Tuesday of Office Girl Kaitlin!

While a lot has changed for office girl Kaitlin, one thing is still the same you can still find her in the Pro Gas Propane Office like you could 20 years ago! Kaitlin’s mom Shari was the office manager for 17 years, she homeschooled her kids and brought them to the office with her to get quality time with Papa & Nana! Shari trained Kaitlin in office work young she remembers (back when banks would send your checks back to you with your reconciliation) in first grade sitting down and putting all the checks in numerical order for her mom, and once she had that down Shari put her to work filing tickets in the big filing cabinet! Last June Kaitlin was in the process of starting her own company and her Uncle Richard called her and asked if she would have some extra time to come and help out at the office, Kaitlin loved the idea and has been working in the office Tuesdays, and Thursdays ever since! Kaitlin loves getting to spend the extra time with Family & the drivers some of whom have seen Kaitlin grown up as they have been around here for 14 years! While some things change Kaitlin is glad she can still be in the office she grew up in and loves the family environment that Pro Gas offers, to family, our drivers,  & all of our amazing customers as well!


If you need propane or would like to join our family and get your lease tank set up call us at 417-589-8307!

Pro Gas Propane has been Locally Owned & Family Operated for 25 years with 3 generations working here currently!