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When Pigs Fly! Or Propane Tanks?

We have all heard the saying “When Pigs Fly”  but what about propane tanks? A 500-gallon tank weighs about 1,100lbs empty, and about 2,800lbs when full. Which happens to be more than pigs, the world record for the heaviest pig so far is held by Big Bill, owned by Elias Buford Butler of Jackson, Tennessee. It was a Poland China breed of hog that tipped the scales at 2,552 lb (1,157 kg) in 1933. All that to say for something so big our lease tanks are flying off our proverbial shelves!


Pro Gas started out in 1992 only delivering propane to customer owned tanks. In 1996 we set two lease tanks and didn’t set another one until 2008. Since then we realized how many people wanted to be treated like family and get the lowest price around. This year we are on track to set more tanks than ever before! People are finding out about us, and want to join our family! This makes us so excited and we want to take care of you too! Call us at 417-589-8307 to get a lease tank set up.

Money saving tips!

PreBuy is a program where you can buy your winter gallons in the summer when it is typically cheaper, so in the winter you don’t have to worry about purchasing propane, or the price per gallon as your gallons are already on your account waiting to be delivered!


Here is how it works!

  1. Find out how many gallons of PreBuy you need. Call us and we would be happy to go over you account last winter and let you know how much you have used in the past!
  2. We will send you a Prebuy contract with the number of gallons you want times the price of PreBuy minus any credits you may have on your account and this is the total you pay, if you need to spread it out over a few payments that is fine just let us know and we will work that out!
  3. Pay for your PreBuy. YAY you won’t have any unexpected heating bills in the winter it is all taken care of!


If you don’t use all of your gallons before winter is over here is what you can do! (our contract run September 1st – March 31st)

  1. Any money you have left on account on April 1st  is measured at cash value instead of gallons value.
  2. You can get a refund
  3. You can fill your tank up at the daily price in the summer (or whenever you want) when propane is (normally) lower in price.
  4. You can use it to purchase PreBuy for the next year at the new PreBuy price.

Even if you purchase too much PreBuy you still come out ahead it just turns into a cash credit on account!

If you don’t buy enough PreBuy to get through the Winter you will just have to pay the daily price when your use up your PreBuy gallons.

Last year we were able to save the customers who purchased PreBuy money as the daily price  got quite a bit higher than the PreBuy we had locked in, while we can’t predict what Propane will do, we can tell you that filling up now and purchasing PreBuy for the Winter will be a better deal than if you were heating your home with electric!


If you have any questions about how PreBuy works, need a Fill-Up while prices are low, or would like info on a lease tank call me today at 417-589-8307!

What the 9/10th of a cent really means.

Here at Pro Gas we never tack on that third decimal place, you know that one ALL the gas stations use, the 9/10th of a penny. As if the penny wasn’t a small enough increment they have to try and get just a little more.  Here is how it breaks down if you fill up your 500-gallon tank that 9/10th of a cent means it adds $2.70 onto your fill up which doesn’t sound like a lot but it adds up. The reason we don’t add 9/10th onto our price is pretty simple, it makes your price sound lower than it is. It is a tricky way to sound cheaper than you are.  Pro Gas doesn’t rely on gimmicks to sound cheaper cause we are cheaper! Pro Gas has the cheapest propane around and if you don’t believe it call us at 417-589-8307 to confirm and you might decide to place an order while you are talking to us!

Lease Tanks

Pro Gas Propane has lease tanks available! If you are thinking about switching companies for whatever reason give us a call at 417-589-8307!


Here are some reasons people have chosen to swap tanks for ours!

  1. Price: we always offer the same price to lease tank customers as all other customers.
  2. Fees: other companies have trip fees, hazmat fees, we never add any extra fees!
  3. Local: we are locally owned & operated your money spent stays as local as possible.
  4. Focus: many companies might be local with 3-5 locations dividing their focus, we have one location you will talk to Richard or his niece Kaitlin when you call, and we try to have the same drivers deliver to the same customers time and time again so you can get to know them!
  5. Fast: we make it a priority to get you filled once you call, we don’t want you fretting that you haven’t gotten your propane yet!
  6. Kind: we have the kindest drivers and we aren’t the only ones who think so, just read the reviews on Facebook!
  7. Family: we place a high value on family, just like you!


We can’t wait to service your customer owned tank or set a lease tank for you! Call us at 417-589-8307 to get on the schedule today. Welcome to the family!!

Family Owned Propane

Pro Gas Propane is a small family run business in an industry full of nationwide or at least multiple locations propane businesses.  We try to pass on the same values that are important to us to our customers, who we want to treat like family!

  1. We never charge additional fees, not trip charges, not hazmat fees, not off route fees, not emergency delivery fees as long as you are getting gas during the week there will never be any added fees!
  2. While we offer on route fill-ups, you have to sign up for them we don’t automatically fill your tank unless you request we do so, many clients find it gives them peace of mind, while others like to be in control of when they order propane and both make great customers!
  3. We offer Lease Tanks to customers who would want to join our family but don’t own their own tank.
  4. Locally Owned & Family Operated, we have been doing business in your neck of the woods for 25 years now! We know you like things run a down-home way and the feeling of knowing you can trust your propane company to care about you.

We can’t wait for you to join our family! Call us at 417-589-8307 to get information on lease tanks, and get on the list to find out about summer fill!

Lease Tanks Available!


We have lease tanks and we are ready to set them!


For a long time Pro Gas Propane did not have lease tanks and only serviced customer owned tanks, but in the past few years have realized how many people would love to be our customer but didn’t want to purchase their own tank, in fact it wasn’t until we had been servicing local customers for 16 years that we started our lease tank journey!

We have been setting tanks for 9 years now, and it has been a great way to meet new customers that we would never have been able to meet otherwise!

Here are a few of the ways we serve our lease tank customers!

  1.  Lease Tank Customers ALWAYS get the same low daily price that customer owned tanks receive.
  2. We are propmt even though we service a large area (anyone within 35 miles of Conway, MO) we strive to get you your propne ASAP.
  3. We offer KeepFull options, if you want to make sure you never run out sign up for KeepFull where the driver stops in and fills you up whenever he is in the area so you will never run out of gas again!
  4. EvenPay, all of our customers love EvenPay it is a program where you pay a set monthly amount to get ahead of large utility bills in the winter months.
  5. We treat you like family, our family has been operating Pro Gas for 25 years! Paul Patton started the business in 1992, in 1997 his daughter Shari joined taking care of the bookkeeping for him,  in 1998 Paul’s son Richard started driving the truck delivering propane to our customers while now he is the manager and tech guy he sure misses getting to see all of the customers on a daily basis! Fast forward to 2016 and Shari’s daughter Kaitlin took over the bookkeeping, making 3 geneartions in the family business!

Call us at 417-589-8307 and let Pro Gas Propane become your propmt propane provider, and let our family treat you like family!


Lease Tanks Available Again!

Tanks delivered in November

We have tanks available once more! We took a break over the Winter to focus on getting propane to all of our AWESOME customers, but it is time to start tank sets again!

Here are some of the reasons you might like to have a lease tank from Pro Gas Propane!

  1. Lease Tank fees we don’t charge any tank rent to customers who use more than 500 gallons a year!
  2. Low price we always charge lease tank customers our everyday low price, which we strive to keep as low as possible by including all taxes and fees into the daily price we tell you!
  3. EvenPay and PreBuy We give you options on how to pay for your propane to keep your budget in line and to keep your price low!
  4. KeepFull option where we keep your tank filled and check you gauge when we are in the area!

We strive to have the best customer service around, we have been a Locally Owned and Family Operated business for 25 years with three generations working at Pro Gas currently!! Call us today  417-589-8307 to get your tank set and let our family treat you like family!