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Propane can save you money!

#FunFactFriday Did you know that propane is almost always cheaper than electric? As long as propane is less than $2.00 a gallon you are actually saving money just by having propane! Pro Gas would love to help you save even more money and here are some money-smart tips to keep your winter propane bill as low as possible!

  1. Fill-Up in the summer, Propane is almost always cheaper in the summer months this makes it a good idea to fill up while the price is low so you go into winter with a full tank.
  2. Purchase PreBuy, This is where you lock in and pay for a set number of gallons you will use in the Winter months. That way come Christmas time you aren’t worried about propane you already have it paid for and waiting for you to order it!

Call us at 417-589-8307 so we can save you money today!

PreBuy 2017

PreBuy is a great way to save you money, but if you are new to propane you might have a few questions on how it works!


PreBuy is a program where you can buy your winter gallons in the summer when it is typically cheaper, so in the winter you don’t have to worry about purchasing propane, or the price per gallon as your gallons are already on your account waiting to be delivered!


Here is how it works!

  1. Find out how many gallons of PreBuy you need. Call us and we would be happy to go over you account last winter and let you know how much you have used in the past!
  2. We will send you a Prebuy contract with the number of gallons you want times the price of PreBuy minus any credits you may have on your account and this is the total you pay, if you need to spread it out over a few payments that is fine just let us know and we will work that out!
  3. Pay for your PreBuy. YAY you won’t have any unexpected heating bills in the winter it is all taken care of!


If you don’t use all of your gallons before winter is over here is what you can do! (our contract run September 1st – March 31st)

  1. Any money you have left on account on April 1stĀ  is measured at cash value instead of gallons value.
  2. You can get a refund
  3. You can fill your tank up at the daily price in the summer (or whenever you want) when propane is (normally) lower in price.
  4. You can use it to purchase PreBuy for the next year at the new PreBuy price.

Even if you purchase too much PreBuy you still come out ahead it just turns into a cash credit on account!

If you don’t buy enough PreBuy to get through the Winter you will just have to pay the daily price when your use up your PreBuy gallons.

Last year we were able to save the customers who purchased PreBuy money as the daily priceĀ  got quite a bit higher than the PreBuy we had locked in, while we can’t predict what Propane will do, we can tell you that filling up now and purchasing PreBuy for the Winter will be a better deal than if you were heating your home with electric!


If you have any questions about how PreBuy works, need a Fill-Up while prices are low, or would like info on a lease tank call me today at 417-589-8307!

Paul’s Birthday!

Owner Paul Patton has a Birthday this week! We have a hard time believing that he is really 79 years old, as he is so full of energy!


Paul worked tirelessly to start Pro Gas Propane 25 years ago, he got started by treating people like family and offering the lowest price around, while a lot has changed in 25 years our core values that Paul breathed into his company remain the same!Check out our Facebook page which has some pictures of Paul!

As always call 417-589-8307 to get your tank filled, get a lease tank, or get info on EvenPay & Prebuy options. We can’t wait to treat you like family!

Info on Propane

Link for FunFacts on Propane! Propane is a fantastic fuel to use in so many ways, and I am not just saying that!

  1. Propane burns clean this is why indoor vehicles such as fork trucks can run on propane.
  2. Propane is a more cost effective option than electricity!
  3. Propane is safer than electric, electricity is one of the leading causes of house fires.
  4. Propane was listed as a clean alternative energy all the way back 1990.
  5. Propane puts you in control, as long as you keep gas in your tank your appliances will still work despite storms or power outages, you can even get a propane generator and you won’t even notice with the electric goes out! Natural gas and electricity cause you to rely on the supply and the power lines or gas lines.
  6. Propane is actually a more Earth-friendly than electric! Click here to learn more.

I hope you have learned some fun things about propane be sure to check out the links mentioned!


If you need a Lease Tank or fill up call us at 417-589-8307.


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